Baton Rouge AC Repair

Tips for Baton Rouge AC Repair


Air Conditioning Repairs are intimidating even for the DIY enthusiast and thus it is good to make sure that you hire an Air Conditioning Professional who is licensed and certified. Here are some simple tips for Baton Rouge AC Repair:


  • The foremost tip for effective Baton Rouge AC Repair is that they need to keep an eye on their thermostat settings. You will have to make sure that the switch that is present on your thermostat will be set to cool and is tiny down there. Just a small nudge in the right direction and you will be able to save lot embarrassment when the AC repairmen come to your house.
  • You should as well make sure that the fan should be set thus ensuring that the Fan will kick up only when heating or cooling is actually needed.
  • It is good at all times to change the cooling and heating filters at regular winter with the right size based on your Air Conditioning Unit.
  • You will have to check your Breaker Box to make sure that you have not tripped of an electrical beaker. If you have by mistakenly tripped of the beaker in that case you should turn it off and switch it on again to make sure that the problem is resolved.
  • If you sense that your AC has over iced then you should make use of the Thermostat to turn it off and set the position of your Fan to ON state.


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